Monday, September 26, 2011

Raining Babies

    On Thursday September 1st Jordan and Nicole welcomed Jaxson and Hunter into the world 2 months early! They were each right around 3 lbs and are the cutest tiniest little guys! Then we got a surprise when almost a week later on September 7th we got a text message from Brett at 6 in the morning and they were holding a baby. At first I thought whose baby are they holding? They were holding their little lady, Rebecca, who decided to come a month early! She is just beautiful!
    We’ve been able to go up to the hospital quite a bit with Jordan and Nicole to love on the boys-we feel so lucky to be able to go! They are doing so great! They have both gained weight, are off their oxygen and have moved on to bottles. We haven’t been able to meet Rebecca yet but we can’t wait!
    Its pretty crazy that when Ter and I were married 2 years ago there weren’t any grandkids on his side yet and now there are 6 under 2!

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