Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Bengals!

On Saturday we took Bryke to his first football game. We went with our friends the Soderquists and the Bakers to an ISU game. It was a pretty good game and we had a lot of fun! Bryke loved it and did pretty good for most of the game-but we didn’t make through the end of the game…not because of Bryke though! We left so Ter could see every second of the BYU game! He has a love/hate relationship with those cougars. He was raised on them but oh my goodness sometimes I think he is going to have a heart attack while watching them! Being a life-long fan is stressful-I wouldn’t know I’m more of the bandwagon type and proud of it :)

I always liked football but being married to a total football loving man has upped my exposure to the longest game in sports :) and I’m ok with that. Here’s to many more memories watching the game with my boys!

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