Monday, June 6, 2011

4 Months

The little Mr. is 4 months old now! This month he:

·        weighs 15 lbs 6 oz {52 %} and is 26 inches tall {90%}
·        such a happy little man
·        is super close to sitting up on his own
·        loves being outside and go on walks in his stroller
·        {still} drools like c.r.a.z.y. I thought he had a tooth coming in but I guess he is just a slobbery little guy
·        is very interested in what we are doing, especially when we eat
·        has crocodile skin on his back but we got some prescription stuff so hopefully he’ll be back to baby soft again soon
·        loves bath time-we can’t wait for the weather to decide to stay warm so we can go swimming!
·        loves his jumparoo! We can sit him in it and he’ll watch his whole baby Einstein movie. This is a big deal because the little stinker absolutely loves to be held so this lets me get a few things done during the day.
·        when he gets excited he stretches his arms out as wide as he can

We love you baby B-more and more every day!

sorry its a little dark

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