Thursday, June 2, 2011

2 long weeks

Daddy teachin' Bryke all about being an OT
Ter finished up his field work in Idaho Falls and I am so glad! Bryker and I took off to Filer for the first week and had a ball (well except for the root canal part of the trip) hanging out with my family. Bryker got spoiled and I enjoyed some great mama and sister time. Week 2 found me and the baby boy at home by ourselves! It was the first time I've ever spent the night by myself with Ter gone, usually I go home. But we survived with a whole lot of missing daddy! We went to Idaho Falls on Wednesday night and spent the night with Ter at Aunt Doris and Uncle Reeve's house. We are so grateful for them for letting Ter stay with them. It was so nice that he didn't have to drive home every night. So he has one field work done and 3 more to go. We are so so proud of him for all of his hard work. He is going to make the best OT ever!

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