Friday, June 17, 2011

3 lives down only 6 left

There’s the saying that cats have 9 lives and in our family that saying applies to wedding rings too.

Life #1 We were living in Rexburg and Ter had a flag football game and had put his ring in his shoe during the game. He got home and realized he didn’t have it so we went back and tried to find it. We were just about to give up when a girl looked down and said here it is!

Life # 2 A few months ago Terry came home with a {little boy look that says I just broke a window face} but it was really a honey I lost my wedding ring {again} face. He lost it somewhere while he was working around the apartments and looked everywhere to find it. I was a little worried cause my man is a stud-muffin and I didn't want those stinkin' ISU ladies hitting on him! Well a few weeks later he came home with a different look-one that said a baby miracle happened and our friend Nick, the apartment manager, sister-in-law found my ring in the parking lot and gave it to Nick who gave it back to me! What a lucky duck!

Life # 3 Last week I had a slow pitch softball game and Bryke and Ter came to watch. I gave Ter my ring to hang on to. When we were almost home I asked Ter for my ring and he got a funny look and said it’s in the cup holder of the stroller {which was folded up in the trunk}. I scrambled out of the car hoping it was there but after tearing the car, all our stuff and the diaper bag apart we couldn’t find it. We went inside and said a prayer and then Ter went back to the park to see if he could find it. Right when he got there it started pouring! So it was dark, pouring rain and a gravel parking lot-not a good combo to try and find my sparkler. BUT…he did!!  

We either need to stop playing sports or super glue our rings to our fingers!

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