Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2 Months!

Time is flyin' by! We can't get enough of our little man! At 2 months Brkyer:
-weighs almost 13 lbs and is in the 75th percentile and is 23.5 inches and is in the 75th percentile and has a 40 cm head and is in the 50th percentile
-is in 3-6 month clothes
-is doing awesome with tummy time and lifting his head up. He doesn't have total control and we still get lots of head butts
-loves to stand up while were supporting him
-still loves to make as much noise as he can
-is smiling so much more
-reacts to our voices and is much more alert
- is still a little stinker when it comes to sleepin at night (although last night he slept from 9-4:30! I couldn't believe it! But he had gotten his shots that day and we had given him some tylenol. Pretty sure you don't win the mom of the day award when the first thing you think of is were going to give you tylenol every night!)
-loves being snuggled and read to
-is starting to drool like a little puppy
-still does pretty good in his car seat (did amazing on his first drive to see grandma and grandpa)
-still loved to pieces by his mama and papa!!

poor little guy after his shots :(
This video makes me smile every time-there is nothing better than being this little man's mom! (I posted this and then realized it is super dark! dang it! hopefully you can still see his adorable little smile!)


  1. OOO i miss that little man. He's growing up too fast. We can't wait to see you guys next weekend! Give him kisses from his Auntie M, and slobery pecks from Kendal!

  2. p.s. we can't really see the video you should try to repost it, or put it on facebook. It sounds cute, but we can't see a thing.

  3. SO CUTE!!! He looks so much like Terry, its Crazy! I wish I could have met him before we moved to Texas!

  4. adorable! I feel bad, we live next door and i have seen him all of twice! Did you guys get new couches? Maybe ill just have to come over and see. :)