Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here fishy fishy...

A few saturdays ago Terry's sister Nicole and her husband Jordan came up (or over or down I always get confused with that stuff) for a fishing adventure! Terry had got the scoop on some good fishing spots from friends so we were set. We packed a cooler and stopped and got some worms (yuck!) and then took off. I'm not sure where we went just somewhere around here but we had so much fun! It was a little chilly throughout the day but it was such a relaxing fun day. And you'll never believe how many fish we caught...0 notta zilch :( its's ok though cause it just gives us an excuse to go out again! Thanks for coming and playing with us Jordan and Nicole!
No fish but I did catch my first Chaco tan of the summer

I put a worm on all by myself and I am pretty proud of it!

We met Terry's friend Jared at the last spot we tried and he caught 2 fish in the first 10 minutes he was there! He was nice enough to invite us and Adam and Tori over to their apartment on Sunday to enjoy the fish. It was delicious! I feel really lucky that Terry has such good friends up and that their wives are all alot of fun! It has been fun to hangout with all of them and get to know them better.

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  1. That is a great wedding gift and you both look so cute by it. And that is impressive that you put the worm on the hook all by yourself!