Thursday, April 29, 2010

Camping time!

For our wedding some of the Darrington side cousins got us an awesome tent, cooler and sleeping bags-amazing present!! When we went to use our tent the first time one of the poles were broken but the nice company sent us a new one for FREE! We decided to test it our living room. I tried to get Terry to sleep in it but he voted for the bed and won. On our way back from Utah we stopped at Smith & Edwards (coolest store ever!) and got camping chairs! I feel like were real outdoor people now with our tent and chairs. Now Summer just needs to decide to stay so we can use everything!!


  1. You guys are too cute!! I wish we had our own tent....we can borrow from both of our parents, but it is nice to have your own gear.

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  3. I'm glad you two almost got some use out of the camping gear. By the way, sorry about the broken pole. Hey Terry, don't be such a Darrington, camp in the living room. You only live once, time goes by too fast. CAMP IN THE LIVING ROOM!