Friday, April 16, 2010

Catch up Time

Holy Smokes it has been forever since I posted anything! Here is what we've been up to real quick: (and not very many pics because my camera is throwing a fit lately!)

  • Had an awesome girls trip to Pocatello with my sisters and mom so Jill could check out ISU's dental hygiene program (she just found out she got accepted to CSI's program, she was 1 of 10 people to be chosen with over 100 applicants. We are so proud of her!!!)
  • Had a great birthday at home with everyone Woo Hoo 22!
  • Cutest little present ever!
  • Went to my good friend Madye and Dustin's sealing in Twin Falls. They are such a pretty couple! I am so blessed to have such great friends! The other boy in the photo is Trent. Me, Dustin and Trent did everything together the summer before Dustin left for his mission.
  • My and my
  • While home for the wedding we went to my sister in law's Kaci's bridal shower. She hit the jackpot and got some super cute stuff.
  • Laura, Zac and Carson came to visit us here in Rexburg and we had such a great time. (my camera deleted all my pics of this fun visit :( We built Carson a tent, played dominos, took them up on campus and went to the Nature Pond. We can't wait for them to come back!
  • For our week off of school we headed home for our nephew David's baby blessing and got the best surprise ever when Kaci went into labor on Saturday April 10th and had Mackie Jo Haney at 8:11 pm. She is the sweetest little baby. Ryan is the best dad ever he is so good with her and is already wrapped around her precious little finger!
  • We took a little side trip to Logan and had dinner with Terry's cousin Eric and my best friend Rachel, such a fun night!! We went and visited all the cousins in Logan and then stayed at Casey and Marianne's apartment and loved every second we got with Kendall.
  • Then we hopped over to Salt Lake and went to the Joseph Smith movie and visited Temple Square. It was awesome to get out of Rexburg for a bit. We stayed with my Grandma in Ogden. I am so thankful for the loving family that I have!

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