Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Camping in Heglar

We are getting the hang of this camping thing with kids and loving it more and more. Heglar is such a beautiful place to go! Marianne and Casey and Kendal and Pete came along with us and the kids had a ball sliding down the hillside in the dirt and exploring.
A lady on Ter's mission gave him that big Virgin Mary blanket and it is super warm so it has turned into our camping blanket. It makes me laugh every time I spread it out and put our sleeping bags on top!
 After camping Friday night we headed to Grandma D's house to get all cleaned up to go over to Todd and Laurie's house for McKay's reception. It was fun to catch up with people and chase these little handsome boys all around. 
haha they were all done with pictures in the bottom right one!

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