Monday, April 20, 2015


Vacation time! Ter had a work conference so we all loaded up and made it a family trip! Poor Ter though he was working while the boys and I played. We drove up Thursday night and the boys were so excited to get to the hotel. They slept great and then Ter headed out early Friday morning and I was on my own. I think I learned pretty fast that traveling with 3 little boys is tough! We got some pretty good looks down at breakfast. We went with Joel and Tesha and their family so that we could play together while the dad's were at work. 
After breakfast we tried out the hot tub and then got ready (oh goodness, packing up and getting all our stuff packed up and down to the car without losing any of the boys was a huge success-thank heavens for luggage carts!) and we headed to the zoo. All of the animals were pretty active and the boys had a blast with the Vincent kiddos. Tesha's parents treated all the kids to a train ride and the boys were in heaven. After the zoo we were meeting Joel and Ter at Scheel's which meant driving back to Sandy in {rush hour} trying to follow Tesha! The boys were all asleep and I prayed the whole time that they would stay asleep and that the other drivers would be nice and just let me in! We made it and I was SO relieved to pass the driving off to Ter!
 Then we headed to Cabela's and had fun spending a gift card Ter had gotten from work. Then we zipped by Temple Square, Bryke was pretty disappointed that we couldn't get out and go in :) We made it to Grandma Aileen's house late and chatted for awhile and then they fed us a yummy breakfast the next morning and then we were off to the Tree House Museum in Ogden which was so much fun! From there we headed home from our mini-vacation. Bryke had a bit of a breakdown because he missed the hotel and wanted to go back, it was sad but I couldn't help smiling. Overall, it was such a great weekend!

loving the hotel!

best zoo trip-we saw all the animals!

Bryke thought the Rhinos were getting just a little too close :)

my sweet little crazy boys! Grady was such a little trooper!

Bryke with is buddy Maylee and the cutest little baby orangutan 

the Tree House Museum!

Keegan could have stayed on the fire truck the whole time

I love this picture! Grandma Aileen with Grady

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