Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Soda Springs

We headed to Soda Springs to stay the weekend at the "other" Webb's cabin with all of Terry's siblings and parents and we had a blast! Ter took Friday off and we left that afternoon-we had so much fun with all our crazy kids and catching up. We played an intense game of Phase 10, celebrated Pete's 1st birthday, went to Lava on Saturday and just had a great time being together. The kids were in heaven running around, getting dirty and riding the Razor with whoever would take them. Can't wait to go back!
One of my favorite pictures of these two-being outside with them is the best!

All 8 grandkids-getting a picture of all them sitting and looking is almost impossible!

 Love my little family!

4 years has made a huge difference in our family-little people galore! A great weekend with even greater people!
 Keegan was done riding in the car so a piece of licorice did the trick to tide him over until we made it to the cabin. This is what he looked like when we pulled him out of his carseat-messy but quiet :)
 Some of our great family

Cutest little campers you'll ever see! This was Keegan's first camping and he did SO great! I love that they like to be outside. I hope that we can make camping a big part of our lives and make lots of memories in beautiful places in the great outdoors.
 The Razor was a huge hit-thanks Grandpa Webb!
 We love you Keegster!

 Bryke had such a great time with all of his cousins. Him, Kendal and David played pretty well together.
 This is a picture of Bryker on the left and Keegan on the right-camping babies!

 Ter cast like 5 times and flung a fishy out! I love Bryke in the top right picture-his shoulder says it all, "keep that thing away from me!"
 Grandpa had a little shadow all weekend and they had twinner cool kid shoes-Grandpa D is the coolest!

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