Monday, July 30, 2012

Never-ending Summer part 2

love this little man!
On the weekends we would either go to Raft River or Ter would come home to Pocatello-weekends have never been better! Playing in the pool at Grandma's with Daddy. Bryke has the best dad ever, seriously! I watch them play together and just feel really blessed.
 Trip to Idaho Falls to go to the zoo-so much fun! A little side note to our trip our front passenger window fell out when we were leaving the zoo! We are now ghetto fabulous with tape holding the window up :)

Ross park on one of our weekends. Bryke is really starting to like the water.
Just bein' our silly boy

He loves these little farmer boots that Aunt Laur is letting us borrow. He'll say shoe "you" and bring you his boots and then just walk around the house-he's ready for the farm!

That's pretty much a wrap up of our summer so far and I can't say how thankful I am to be at the end of these 12 weeks. I really don't know how single parents do it. I feel really blessed that my husband will be in a profession that will allow him to be home at night with his family-we sure miss him when he is gone! Now on to some real summer fun when Daddy gets to be home with us next week!

Never-ending Summer

 May started my summer of single parenthood. That’s a little dramatic but it not too far off. Ter started his 12 week long field work in Burley which took him to live in Raft River with his parents to cut down on the commute and left us in Pocatello during the week. Lots of people have asked me why didn’t you just move to Raft River too? Each time making me feel like a not so great wife but we’ve made it! Being separated for most of the summer had one big perk-it really made us appreciate the time that we did have together. Our weekends were spent at the zoo, swimming, camping and just hanging out. I am so thankful that Ter works so hard for our family but I’m even more thankful that we only have one week left-I’ve missed my handsome man!
 Just hangin' out with dad, getting in trouble while he's gone and watching a baseball game with his girlfriend Kaylee.
First camping trip for the B man! We went up Heglar canyon and found the perfect little spot to stay for the night. Bryke did SO good! He does really well around the fire and slept better that night than any of the other nights we stayed at Grandma's! So fun to be able to spend some fun outdoors time together!

We took a trip to Grandma Kris' house and got in lots of good cousin and Grandma time. I love seeing Bryke play with his cousins!

 Take me with you Daddy-I miss you a whole bunch when your gone!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where does time go?

I can’t believe it has been since February when I blogged last! We have been b.u.s.y! Here is my attempt at a catch up:
 We headed to Filer for my Aunt Brooke's wedding in March and enjoyed lots of family time.
 Bryke's first time bowling :)
 There is a fishing pond in Pocatello that Bryke loves to go to and throw rocks in the water and scare all of daddy's fish away. Going to feed the ducks is another one of our favorite things to do. The bottom picture of Ter and B is one of my very favorites-I love my boys!
Raft River is our usual Easter destination for the big Webb party. B wasn't too sure about the candy hunt. He was a little concerned when I was taking the candy away and putting it in his bucket :) The whole family was there and there are 6 kids under 2 1/2 which means Grandma's house gets pretty crazy! The middle far right picture is the happiest little man with pink eye you will ever see-that was a yucky week. Next is Bryke figuring out how to feed himself. And finally playing in the rain-he's all boy! Caught up to May!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A trip to Miracle

I found these pictures on my dad's camera so I am writing this 2 years later and backdating it! My parents treated us to a trip to Miracle Hot Springs when we home and it was heaven. I am a total hot tub person but Ter not so much and my dad loves it and my mom isn't as big of a fan so we only stayed for a bit but had a ball. I think Bryke is going to be more like his Dad-he likes it for a bit but then he is done. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Trying out Grandpa's new underwater camera

Look at that bulging bicep!