Sunday, July 29, 2012

Where does time go?

I can’t believe it has been since February when I blogged last! We have been b.u.s.y! Here is my attempt at a catch up:
 We headed to Filer for my Aunt Brooke's wedding in March and enjoyed lots of family time.
 Bryke's first time bowling :)
 There is a fishing pond in Pocatello that Bryke loves to go to and throw rocks in the water and scare all of daddy's fish away. Going to feed the ducks is another one of our favorite things to do. The bottom picture of Ter and B is one of my very favorites-I love my boys!
Raft River is our usual Easter destination for the big Webb party. B wasn't too sure about the candy hunt. He was a little concerned when I was taking the candy away and putting it in his bucket :) The whole family was there and there are 6 kids under 2 1/2 which means Grandma's house gets pretty crazy! The middle far right picture is the happiest little man with pink eye you will ever see-that was a yucky week. Next is Bryke figuring out how to feed himself. And finally playing in the rain-he's all boy! Caught up to May!

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