Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Redfish/Challis trip

We loaded the little Neon down (like seriously loaded it, I’m just going to say it I am a master packer!) and headed on a 500 mile road trip of central Idaho. We stopped in Twin and gave Grandma Kris some Bryker time, dropped a few things off and then then started the trek to Redfish. We were stressing the whole way there about the car making it and whether or not we would even be able to camp because of the smoke from all the fires (Idaho is on fire this summer). It seemed like each person we talked to had a different warning or restriction that we didn’t even know about! Thank heavens everything turned out just fine and the smoke really wasn’t even that bad.
I’ve been to this area quite a bit growing up so it was so much fun to be driving and actually feel like I knew where I was and could talk Ter’s ear off with all of my stories. We made a quick detour to Alturas and Bryke was in heaven with all the water and plenty of rocks to throw in it and then wasn’t so happy when we put him back in the car after such a short time out, but we wanted to make it to Redfish and make sure we had time to find a campsite and get all set up.
Redfish Lake
We made it to Redfish and it was good that we had given ourselves some time to find a site because the place was packed after about an hour and a few arguments later (sorry sweetie!) we finally found a great site and everything turned out fine! It even turned out that Brett and Vanessa were only 3 campsites down! It was a ton of fun to be able to pal around together and David and Bryke were loving rolling in the dirt and playing at the lake together. We played at the lake our first night, came back and had Navajo tacos and then settled around the campfire for some s’mores that Vanessa was so nice to share. Bryke is such a trooper when it comes to camping. I swear he sleeps better camping than he does at home! The next morning we had some yummy breakfast burritos and then headed to the fish hatchery-which was so cool! Ter was in heaven and it was pretty interesting to learn all about the Salmon. Then we came back and packed up and went to the lake for one last dip and some lunch.

Bryker and David kissing the rock-so funny! At the fish hatchery and Bryke sick of taking pictures
   Then we started on our way to Challis-that part of Idaho is so beautiful! We made it there and explored the town for Casey and Marianne and found a nice little park until everyone else caught up with us then the unpacking began. They did it in record timing and then we were treated to pizza and camped out in Casey and Marianne's backyard with the deer :) It was great to be able to end our trip with most of our family just hangin' out-we love you guys!
We stopped in Mackay and the guys fished for a couple hours-my handsome fisherman!
I’m completely smitten with Redfish and really hope it turns into a family summer tradition! Thanks for being the best traveling 18th month {ever} baby boy and thanks for driving the entire trip honey-I love my boys!

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