Friday, February 25, 2011

3 Weeks Already!

Yesterday Bryker had his 2 week well baby check (a week late) and he is definitely one well baby! They didn't give me the percentiles so I looked them up so who knows how accurate these are. But he weighs 9 lb 13 oz which puts him  between percentile 75 and 90 and he is still around 22 inches so he is above percentile 95 in length. I found the chart at babycenter so hopefully it is accurate. So according to these charts we have one BIG little boy! We are loving every minute with him!
Some highlights from B's first 3 weeks: 
-absolutely hated his 1st bath

-absolutely loved his 2nd bath and all the rest of them
-Mommy has been sleepin on the couch for the last 3 weeks and last night was the first time she didn't sleep on the couch at all! We, mainly I, haven't been too great about making him sleep in his bassinet or crib so the only place he will really sleep is in his little vibrating chair or on mom or dad. So our goal is to do better about trying the crib out-wish us luck! {He slept for 20 minutes in his crib woo hoo!}
-He is one smilely baby and I love it!
-He is in size one diapers
-He took his first trip to the library with mom-hopefully many more of these to come!
-He takes a pacifier thank heavens!
3 weeks old

He is one handsome boy!
-He does pretty good in his car seat {love this picture of my boy!}
-He loves his daddy and has him wrapped around his little fingers
-He took his first little trip out to go see Aunt Breawna and then his first real one when we went and ran some errands. No trip to church yet but hopefully we can sneak in for Sacrament soon

We love our little B man more than we could ever say!

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  1. so cute and growing so fast, of course he was pretty big to start with you poor thing! Can't wait to see and hold him as all great aunts should get to do!!!!