Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Daddy is 30!

Happy birthday handsome! I would have been in big trouble if I did a surprise party so I did a surprise present instead--a new shotgun! My dad and Ryan helped me choose the perfect one and surprise him. He thought it was a bb gun at first and was a little confused but once he realized what it was I think he was pretty excited. I might have been a little more excited than him--to be able to give him a really nice gift and surprise him was so much fun. When we were pulling up to the park to the party we saw my dad with the gun and Ter asked did you get me a gun and I lied on an honest {!} and said no, I couldn't ruin the surprise! I think he forgave me though once he saw it :) We have so many great friends (Bangerters, Eskelsens and the Parkers) and family that came to the park to celebrate with us-we love you all!

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