Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Darrington News

-Terry got offered a job at the clinic he is doing his fieldwork at, Primary Therapy Source, and after another offer from a Rexburg clinic, counter offers to the Twin clinic and a whole lot of stress, prayer and pro and con lists we accepted the Twin Falls job! We are super excited to start this new stage and move on from school!

-We are making my dad slave away to find us our first home-exciting, scary and stressful is how I would sum it up. I really can’t wait to have our very own place though.

-Bryke and the Keegster are doing awesome-we can’t wait for Spring to decide to stay so we can get outside and play!

-Ter is taking the whole month of April off {well not really off-he has to do his professional project presentation and oral defense during this time and study for the boards} and we are going to get some good partying in, maybe a trip to SLC for the zoo??

-I have to have knee surgery on April 18th-yuck!

-And finally, we still have the two cutest boys you have ever seen in your entire life!

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