Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Haney's came to town!

I think there's still hope for friendship instead of a boxing match!

Ryan, Kaci & Mackie come to visit us and we had a ball! Ry and Ter took off for a day of fly fishing around Idaho Falls and Kaci and I stayed home with the kiddos and partied all day. We started off with a trip to a few stores and then came home for nap time. We made some lunch and then settled in to watch Breaking Dawn. Then it was time to play referee when Mack and Bryke woke up. I think it’s safe to say that they have a love/hate relationship. Bryke doesn’t quite know how to play yet and Mack is a feisty little thing so it made for some interesting play. I think they both got a few good swings in :) We loaded up the kids again and went and got supplies to make a spring wreath and didn’t realized what we were getting ourselves into with the one we chose {took forever!}! We watched a movie and then all passed out. Kac and I finished our wreaths the next morning {they turned out so cute!} and then they headed out. It was so much fun to have then come visit us-we don’t get to see them enough! Love you guys!

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