Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

October has been pretty low key for us. Ter has kept super busy with school and me and Bryke have been super busy with hangin out and playin :) We did get a fun visit from my mom, Laur, Macey bug, Carson and Jill.  We spent the day thrifting and found some great treasures-thanks for making the trek to P-town! Other than that October was all about costumes! I'm pretty sure I was at DI and some other second-hand stores 3 times a week trying to find all the different parts for our costumes-but it paid off! 

 Poodle skirt from a sheet for Bunco night-love that game!

Bunco girls
 Princess of the Prairie to Princess Peach-thank you DI! 

 We threw a Halloween party at Nicole and Jordan's house and had all the Pocatello cousins over for it. It was so fun to get together all dressed up. We ate yummy treats and a played a mean game of Ticket to Ride. Thanks for partyin' with us everyone!

 Cutest Mario and Luigi that I have ever seen-{love} my boys! Happy 1st Halloween baby boy!

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