Saturday, May 22, 2010

We have the CUTEST nieces and nephews EVER!!

The 10 months that we have been married have been very busy for us! Terry went from 0 nieces and nephews to 5! We are pretty lucky to live close enough to see them pretty often but wish we could be with them all the time! I also feel very lucky to have such good examples of moms from my sister and sister-in-laws-you mamas are all amazing!!! So in order here are the little cuties:

Carson-almost 3-he is the funniest little boy! This is a slide out of grandpa's paco pad on the stairs in his Buzz lightyear jammies-love this boy!
This is little miss Kendal Darrington (Casey and Marianne's little girl)-6 months-we love when we get to see this pretty little girl. She is always giggling and has uncle Terry (and everyone else in the family) wrapped around her fingers!Introducing David Darrington (Brett and Vanessa's little guy)-around 4 months-This is the strongest baby you will ever meet! He has already rolled over and holds his head up so good! He is one serioulsy cute little boy!
Here is Mackie Jo Haney (Ry and Kaci's gorgeous girl)-little over a month old-isn't she beautiful?!Last but definitely not least..Macey Kristine Jacobson-she was born on May 10th. We haven't met her yet and can't wait to! I think she looks like Minnie Mouse right here with her dark hair and red bow :) From what I hear she is the sweetest baby ever.

As you can see our families make some pretty cute babies! We are so lucky to have these special little ones in our life! We love you all so much!


  1. Oh Sarah! They are all so cute! I love Macey's name! I think it is soooooo fun and I love love love the Kristine, it made me cry! Love you!

  2. Crazy how fast a family can grow....loved to see pics of Kendal and David--I don't think I had ever seen any before. Love you guys...can't wait to see you on Monday!