Friday, March 12, 2010

Little bit of good and a lot a bit of bad

Lets start with the good. Meet my new favorite little buddies, the cinnamon roll sugar cookies! They were the easiest thing to make-except the frosting I don't think I got that quite right. But I got the recipe from Tried and True Yummy Recipes (its on my blog list). The recipe made a ton and they turned out very good-go give it a try! On a side note I promise I just don't cook and do crafts well somedays thats true...Terry says that we need a baby so I have something to actually blog about :)

Now on to the might want to grab a tissue or in my case it was my sleeve in the hall of the Kimball building and a carton of Ben and Jerry's most chocolately concoction (I made due with left over Coldstones). Now that your ready here's the scoop...Friday I went in to double check that everything was on track to graduate. I waited in line and silently said a prayer that I wouldn't end up like a guy in my class and find out that I was short a few credits just for good measure. Well I should have prayed a lot harder because I wasn't told I was short a few credits I was told I was 9 credits short!!! This really nice counselor guy was the one to break the news to me and after the shock subsided the tears took over. I choked out thanks for helping me and tried to walk away with out letting the damn break-I only made it out the door. I was just so disappointed!! I just kept telling myself that I could make it through this semster and I was done. To top it all off Financial aid wouldn't give me my full ride academic scholarship unless I took 14 credits so I took 3 stupid credits this semester and now I am going to have to take 5 meaningless credits next semester. Now that things have kind of calmed down I'm realizing its not too bad because I'll get to take some fun classes, get good financial aid that will let me seriously cut down hours at subway and I'll get to continue to work at LDS Philanthropies with the most amazing people. It was just a big surprise and totally unexpected. The reason for it all was that they or me (not really sure on this still) double counted 9 credits. It's like I just slipped through the cracks and nobody checked anything (that sounds super whiny but I'm ok with it in this case). I still get emails about graduating and walking. If I hadn't double checked I would have invited my family to graduation and showed up ready to get a diploma haha can you imagine that?! So here I come 6th straight semester in a row at BYU-Idaho!

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  1. I feel so bad that you were nearing the end, just to find out you had a little more left. No fear, you are amazing and will get it done! Keep positive and tell Terry to spoil you Sarah! Kendal sends her love (which consists of slobbery smiles)!
    And no Terry, she's not a brat yet.