Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Basketball Blues

Lately basketball hasn't been too good to me. Let me just tell you why:

1. My fantasy team, Tru Playa, isn't doing to hot. My boys Dirk and Steve need to step it up a notch or twenty!!

2. I played on a team in the Sugar City league and got a nice little present out of it:

I really think girls basketball is a lot tougher than boys, girls are brutal with there pinching and elbowing. The girl that got me was just on a rebound but some of the other girls on her team, watchout they were out for blood!

3. And finally we got disqualified from the city league!! It was such a let down. We had been playing all season with only 5 girls and then one was gone for the second game of tournament so we picked up another girl and after a team with like 10 girls got beat by us with only 5 they weren't too happy and had a little chat with the league director so now were out. It's not like we picked up another girl to help us win the tournament we just needed her to play! I just hope that the team we fairly beat doesn't get to keep going in the tourament because we were disqualified, that would just be crazy!

Pheww now that I got that off my chest and black eye is nearly gone I can start to move on. But basketball I will always love you no matter how rough you are me!

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