Monday, April 29, 2013

Boise Bound

We tried to head to Boise before I had knee surgery (which went great!) but only got to Buhl before we turned around due to weather. So we tried again the week after surgery and made it all the way there. We started off at the zoo and had a great time. Ter is the biggest zoo lover in the family right now and I think he approved, except for the fact that they didn’t have bears. Bryke loved running around and playing on the toys and Keegan had the best seat in the house in the stroller. He did great until be pooed more than he has in his whole life-it made for a great stop at the ostrich pens. We have decided that if you can’t get to the zoo in the morning it just isn’t worth it. By the afternoon it was hot and the animals were sleepy, so we’ll know for next time.

After the zoo we has lunch at TGIF and then we had all sorts of plans to go to other places but we’re learning that with 2 kids the mom and dad don’t always make the schedule! We pushed it and went to Cabelas and then got our little bums on the road so the boys could get a much needed nap.

It was a great little day get away as a family, kind of our last hoorah before we enter the real working world!

boise bound!

giraffe wrangler

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keegan is 5 months!

5 things about our littlest mr:

-can roll both ways
-loves his feet and always has his hands in his mouth
-tried baby food for the first time and his poor little tummy didn’t like those bananas too much, he couldn’t get enough of the sweet potatoes!
-wakes up twice at night to eat-the little piggy
-went swimming for the first time down at Miracle Hot Springs-he loved it!

I know I’ve said it before but Keegan is seriously the happiest little man you’ll ever meet-he brings so much joy to our little family! We love him so much are so grateful that he is ours! We love you Keegster!